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Valley CAD LLC is committed to providing you with the highest quality frontline support for your SOLIDWORKS technical questions.

Our friendly, local staff is trained not only to answer your questions, but to help you understand the challenge and use a “best practices,” approach to make SOLIDWORKS work for you in the most efficient way possible!

Electronic support includes access to the Knowledge Base, Tech Tips, Help files, Tech alerts, Webcasts, SR reporting and tracking, Enhancement Requests, and much more.



Modern design systems live in a highly interconnected and fiercely competitive market. The Valley CAD technical support team is prepared to deliver a technical solution tailored to your unique needs. In addition to onsite visits, we’re proud to offer remote screen sharing support using industry-standard HTTPS encryption and model file transfers using the AES-256 standard upon request.


SOLIDWORKS Product Development Solutions:

Engineers and designers pride themselves on developing creative workflows. With the help of Valley CAD technical support, you have a partner who can not only understand your technical challenge but who is enthusiastic to assist in making your development processes one of a kind!


Developing Robust Systems

SOLIDWORKS includes a suite of tools to help you be prepared for a range of unforeseeable workstation challenges. We encourage every customer to include us in the discussion whenever they’re thinking about:

  • Organizing upgrades in large organizations.
  • Maintaining backups for a range of data loss situations.
  • Communicating and collaborating as a coherent group to make sure that
    • The right information
      Is with the right person
      At the right time
      Every time

What Else Do You Get With SOLIDWORKS Subscription Services?

New Software Releases

New Software Releases

As a member, you’ll automatically receive the latest versions of SOLIDWORKS software when it’s released. Having the current version helps keep you on pace with clients -and the competition – without ever missing a beat.

Online Trials

Online Trials

SOLIDWORKS has made taking a test drive with the latest release a snap with full cloud base modeling! That’s right, you no longer have to go through the process of downloading and installing beta versions on a non-production system! Every subscription customer has unlimited access to the full SOLIDWORKS beta program with only the completion of a simple online form.

What’s better than install free beta testing? Taking that cloud-based modeling from testing to production with Valley CAD’s and SOLIDWORKS Gold Certified Partner, EpiGrid.

Software Upgrades

Software Upgrades

We’re constantly improving and upgrading our software. Whether it’s an increase in performance and reliability, a community-requested enhancement, or adding new functionality and supported file types, SOLIDWORKS is always evolving.

Solidworks Visualize


SOLIDWORKS Visualize is now available to download for every SOLIDWORKS Professional and Premium license on active Subscription. Need a “picture” of your 3D data? This is the fastest and easiest way to create photo-quality images, animations, and other 3D content. Sweetening the deal, SOLIDWORKS Visualize can be used by anyone in your company—from design to marketing—expanding the range of the images you create.

Solidworks Customer Portal

SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal

From software downloads to product education, the SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal can maximize your SOLIDWORKS experience. With an easy-to-search repository filled with in-depth info and resources, the Customer Portal lets you find the answers you need.

Access The Portal Here:

Solidworks Beta & EV Programs

Beta & EV Programs

The SOLIDWORKS Beta and Early Visibility (EV) Programs give you exclusive access to our latest developments and select Service Packs before general release. Work directly with our teams to influence and improve the next SOLIDWORKS product release.
Learn more at



The Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional and Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate exams are available to Subscription Services members. Build your team’s skills with two free core exams and two advanced exams per year for every seat of SOLIDWORKS you purchase.


Want to Know More About Certifications?

Exam certifications never expire.

You can access your exam history any time through the virtual tester website:
Exam certifications can be displayed on your professional social media accounts by linking to the Virtual Tester Plattform
Exam Certifications can be verified through the certified digital credential program so you and your employer no longer have to worry about losing paper certificates.


Need information but aren’t fully sure of your question? No problem. All your SOLIDWORKS
content can be found in one place. Night or day. Tablet, phone, or desktop. No matter what
you need—or when you need it—Subscription Services customers receive added features and
value on the site.

MySolidworks Training


Subscription Services members have access to over 600 on-demand training videos. Get answers to specific questions—or expand your horizons more broadly—with insights from countless users within our community.

Don’t want to commit to an in-person training course?

You’ll still have access to curated online certification prep courses for as long as your subscription is active.

Remember: You can do it all on your schedule, at your own pace, from any device you like!

Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base

We have an extensive library of technical data: solutions, help topics, best practices, etc.,
which can be easily found via a powerful internal search engine. From tech tips and webcasts,
to administrative guides and technical presentations, our resource library has been meticulously
curated by certified SOLIDWORKS experts to ensure everything available is extremely relevant
and timely.

Discussion Forums

Discussion Forums

No matter what you use SOLIDWORKS for, there are people out there doing similar things—and taking them to new heights—who are excited to talk to you. Connect with them, be part of a community, and get valuable insights from users who share your vision.

Solidworks Cam


SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard is now included as part of a Subscription Services membership.

A fully integrated, knowledge-based technology, SOLIDWORKS CAM allows you to integrate the design and manufacturing processes into one system. By utilizing a “Design For Manufacturing,” strategy and evaluating designs early in the project lifecycle you can avoid unexpected costs and/or delays, eventually seeing your projects to completion on time and on budget.

SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard is the fastest and easiest way to create 2.5 axis toolpaths on part files (Milling, Waterjet, Plasma, Laser, and Router). SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard leverages a rules database to streamline your programming process and capture your Model-Based Definition (MBD) tolerances to standardize your workflows.