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Epigrid is a fully managed enterprise Cloud solution created for engineers by engineers. Learn more in the video below and stay tuned for future videos in which we will answer the why, how, and who questions. EpiGrid works with SOLIDWORKS resellers around the country to enable their clients to adopt CAD in the Cloud.

Valley CAD is a proud partner with EpiGrid for all cloud engineering solutions.

As the only Central Valley SOLIDWORKS reseller, Valley CAD is enthusiastic to offer a superior cloud based design and computing integrated package.

EpiGrid is the pioneer of SOLIDWORKS in the Cloud.
EpiGrid’s Virtual Desktop Interface will enable you with a premium, “Tier-III,” hosted network so you can create your design, easily scale resources, and close your projects on time no matter where you’ve decided your “office,” will be.

5 reasons why Epigrid is the most reliable and efficient solution for your engineering team

Is your design team distributed now more than ever?

EPIgrid will create a single design environment. Your developers can work to coherently exchange files and close your project on time.
EPIgrid will manage every one of your SOLIDWORKS licenses in the cloud.


Are your designers suffering? Do you need product document management capabilities, but don’t want to hire a full-time PDM administrator?

EPIgrid isn’t just an IT service, we understand SOLIDWORKS and PDM!
We can manage your application, leaving your designers free to do their job.


Do you run out of computing resources when closing your engineering design cycle?

Do you need to enable more users?
EPIgrid gives you flexible user account creation options.
Do you need to plan for more computing resources to close your project out?
EPIgrid gives you control to allocate computational resources where you need them.


Are you disinterested in managing the complex and competing layers of cloud service management?

EPIgrid delivers the scale and reliability with enterprise grade services for your small business, enabling you to compete at the highest level.
EPIgrid will manage the infrastructure and deliver an optimized service boasting our 99.8% uptime guarantee.
Epigrid is even available through a 4G hotspot!


Are you concerned about opaque implementation processes and reliance upon unproven teams to cleanup up your company’s design history?

EPIgrid has a well established history of providing seamless implementations for SOLIDWORKS PDM users.
Still think you’d like to keep your data and your designers under one roof?
We can provide you with an on-premise PDM solution.


Are you concerned about your company having to close its doors if the contents of a single building are destroyed?

EPIgrid gives you the ability to move and recover your digital engineering operations from serious challenges in a matter of hours.


Want to know the 5 features that make EPIgrid disaster recovery second to none?

Multi-Data Center Redundancy:

EPIgrid uses server farms in geographically separate areas that have a low frequency of natural disasters.

Remote location performance boost

By locating its data centers in low population density areas, EPIgrid servers enjoy consistent high bandwidth access while services in population dense areas may scale with demand.

Redundant chassis level power supplies.

Failures in your desktop power supply normally create downtime while new hardware is sourced and installed. EPIgrid systems have integrated redundant power supplies to ensure that if one power supply fails, that a backup is ready to make sure your design process can continue without interruption.

Monitored fire protection and physical security.

Every company has to deal with the risk of fire and malicious intruders.
EPIgrid offers customers the reliability of digitally monitored fire and intruder detection systems.
On top of digital security, EPIgrid maintains an onsite, 24X7 force of armed guards in a biometrically secured facility.
Access points are iris scanner controlled
EPIgrid uses zoned VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) throughout our datacenter

State-of-the-art redundant onsite power plant architecture:

EPIgrid’s uninterruptible power plant architecture ensures more than 30 megawatts of power integrated with a fully redundant cooling plant.
EPIgrid’s independent Georgia Power delivers a total of 36 MW with N+1 system redundancy. That means there are more than 110,000 gallons of onsite diesel are ready to keep systems running in case of disaster.

Advanced security protecting your intellectual property.

Modern companies come under constant assault from a variety of digital attackers. EPIgrid takes advantage of private cloud hosted architecture and multiple layers of security.

These layers include:

  • Redundancy firewalls
  • Redundant Cisco ASA security appliances
  • Redundant Cisco intrusion prevention system
  • Minimum VPN encryption of AES128
  • SSAE16 and PCI Compliant, Safe Harbor Certified systems
  • Application level, layered security integrated into PDM vault management.


Remember: EPIgrid offers enterprise grade data redundancy and accident protection STANDARD with the monthly managed service package.

Do you need a turnkey PDM vault that is pre-configured by a certified SOLIDWORKS Partner on day one?

Consider how AXIS Vault is a solution for you!

AXIS PDM vault delivers:

  • A “Best Practices” approach to data management processes within within your engineering vault
  • Ready to run configured workflows, data cards, permissioned user accounts, and more.
  • Detailed documentation on the custom configuration of your specific vault.
  • Simple, straight forward training.
    • EPIgrid uses real world examples to deliver practical training to build hard skills in your design team.
    • Both administrators and users get the information they need to do their job right!
  • Fast scheduling: AXIS vault gives you the power to make your vault live in only a matter of days with our rapid deployment process.

EPIgrid complements the SOLIDWORKS PDM software structure with a matching Level 1 package for PDM Standard, and Level 2 package for PDM Professional.

PDM Comparison Chart

Why else would you want to use a virtual desktop?

Keep your accessories!

EPIgrid Virtual Desktop Interface lets you pass through USB connections for accessories like 3D CAD mice from 3D Connexion.
You can attach as many as four monitors.

Add-ins are supported as well!

When Oiles Bearings came to EPIgrid they needed more than SolidWorks Standard with PDM. They also needed to integrate design optimization tools.

As a Hosting Partner in the DriveWorks Partner Program, EPIgrid built Oiles a private network, growing to the creation of a private domain where individual servers were allocated to perform directed tasks.

This optimized configuration has allowed Oiles America to grow through onsite resource constraints economically and with minimal effort.



EPIgrid integrates your engineering and business systems.

EPIgrid is a leader in helping businesses to leverage information generated by the engineering department throughout an organization. This means support for ERP and PLM systems.

This commitment to integrated systems has allowed global organizations like the Fossil Group to coordinate complex engineering, design, and manufacturing operations across three continents.